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02 February 2010 @ 11:10 pm
hello mint!  
I have recently discovered a new love of mine, Korean electrorock duo IINDIAN.  My first impression of them was as a Korean equivalent of VNV Nation, but upon 2975 more listens to their 2009 album "SPEAK," I have settled on a comparison more to Depeche Mode + Orgy + Iris.

Every song has at least one thing/part about it that I love, so I find it pretty rough to pick a favourite.  "Boy [Daddy's Voice]" is definitely the prettiest, "Loveside" is super chillgroovy, and I often get "Fire Love" stuck in my head.  Those three are my current favourites, but when I first heard the CD I was torn between "Discontent Maniac" and "날개의 그림자."

Both guys seem pretty neat [weird], but I love Pol.ter.geist because he is a tranny.  It actually took me a lot of work to figure out that he is [is?] a guy.

In other news of romance, I think I have finally found my dream ginger dressing.

Makoto Honey Ginger Dressing, you may be the only one for me.  You are the sole reason my dinner just now was almost unbearably fit.  I want to thank you.  I want to thank you the way that Natalie Merchant thanked so many people back in the 90s.

I hate school.
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♪♪♪: "Boy [Daddy's Voice]" - IINDIAN
grimmy_grahamsgrimmy_grahams on February 9th, 2010 08:23 pm (UTC)
Work that tambourine, tranny!

If Kevin got really sick so he would be really pale, then lost about 100 pounds in the process, grew his hair out, and took a liking to skin tight clothing - then he would easily look like that tranny.